Those Who Can, Teach!

teach. Learn. Grow. 

  • Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to provide teachers, parents and professions within the field of education various educational resources that will help them create schools with rigorous curriculum and the latest research-based teaching strategies, giving every student in the classroom the opportunity to succeed.
  • Our Goals

  • Our goals begin with creating educational content and turning it into effective, rigorous, and interesting lesson plans.
  • We aim at connecting different community partners with deserving school districts. We believe that every member of a community can make a vital contribution to the development of our children's education. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, so let Those Who Can, Teach! connects with you to a wonderful cause. From donating a box of pencils to a school in Iraq to creating and distributing resourceful educational posters to teachers in Detroit, we aim at impacting education because every classroom, every child, in every city is important to Those Who Can, Teach!
  • Providing professional development to a school's staff members is important to every classroom, which is why Those Who Can, Teach! has partnered with organizations like Time to Teach and Center for Teacher Effectiveness to provide qualified National Presenters on various educational topics.